Major problems facing educational planning in the next decade

Lecture - Discussion Series, 13
10 p.

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In this booklet the author discusses 10 central problems he feels educational planners will be faced with in the next decade (1974), namely: (1) a rising demand for education, spurred by continued rapid population growth, (2) increasing financial constraints, (3) serious shortages of specialized manpower, (4) and (5) the necessity to define the role of education in relation to agricultural and industrial develoement, (6) the development and coordination of out-of-school education with the formal education system, (7) reconciling teacher supply and demand with economic and educational needs, (8) increased educational productivity and quality with limited resources, (9) equipping educational systems better for innovation and self-renewal, and (10) a better understanding of the social impact of education on society. To cope with such challenges, educational planning must make use of improved administrative planning and management analysis, better research and training, and increased help from all the social sciences.