Methodology for the evaluation of education attainments: a project of the IBRD and IIEP

Lewy, Arieh; Postlethwaite, T. Neville
Swedish International Development Authority
World Bank
IIEP Seminar Paper, 2
110 p.

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The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), also known as the World Bank, has actively assisted in the development and improvement of educational facilities and systems in developing countries. A two-phase study was undertaken to improve the evaluation of World Bank projects. This report is an outgrowth of the first phase during which the major educational objectives of the IBRD-financed projects were studied and recommendations were made concerning appropriate methods and instruments for evaluating the attainment of the objectives of programs designed to improve student achievement and enrollment levels, teacher education, teacher effectiveness, and curriculum development. As illustrated in the report, the information obtained from program evaluation and experimentation will be used as integral elements in educational planning and policy development by the IBRD