Burkina Faso: integrating conflict and disaster risk reduction into an education sector plan

MacEwen, Leonora
United Nations Children's Fund
Country notes. Education sector planning
39 p.

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Educational planning which takes conflict and disaster risks into account can significantly reduce the impact of conflict and natural hazards on an education system. In 2011-2012, Burkina Faso joined an increasing number of countries addressing such risks in and through education. This case study documents the country's experience integrating conflict and disaster risk reduction (C/DRR) into its 10-year Programme for the Strategic Development of Basic Education. It describes the individual, organizational, and institutional capacities that were necessary in order to ensure that C/DRR was appropriately integrated into every step of the planning process. Offering a critical view of the obstacles encountered, this publication summarizes the preconditions for successful inclusion of C/DRR in a country's sector plan in an effort to guide future work in this area.