Cross-border higher education: regulation, quality assurance and impact

Martin, Michaela; Lemaître, Maria José; Wilkinson, Roy; Al Hajry, Amer; Tayag, Jean; Naidoo, Prem; Singh, Mala
Higher education and specialized training: new trends in higher education
2 v. (331 p., 349 p.)
Tertiary education
Tertiary education

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Higher education systems worldwide are undergoing manifold changes, including a significant increase in private provision. This includes cross-border higher education, where institutions, programmes, students and/or staff cross national borders. Cross-border higher education offers both opportunities and challenges for education systems, their respective communities and countries at large. The challenges are especially important in developing countries, where social demand for higher education is high and expected to increase. Yet many of these countries lack adequate regulation and quality assurance mechanisms. An IIEP research project analyzed the status, specific features and impact of cross-border provision. It focused on institutional and programme mobility, which pose the greatest challenges to national authorities. Seven case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America were chosen. This first volume of the publication presents a comparative synthesis as well as the cases of Chile, Oman, the Philippines and South Africa. The second volume comprises the cases of Argentina, Kenya and Russia.