The Development of scientific and technological research in the German Democratic Republic and its implications for training

Wolter, Werner; Belke, Wolfgang; Schulz, Hans Jürgen
IIEP Research Report, 69
160 p., illus.
Tertiary education

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Result of research undertaken by IIEP and a team of researchers from the Central Institute for Higher Education of the GDR, aims at revealing the processes by which the different qualifications or skills necessary for the implementation of technological policies are produced, pays particulier attention to the criteria governing the choice of different programmes and rivers and to linkages, notably between science and technology teaching, technical teaching and vocational training, as well as to the relationship between training and production, and between higher education, applied and fundamental research, analyses the development of the computer industry in the GDR and how significant changes in employment and the qualification structure of the labour force have also affected education and training requirements