Directions in educational planning: international experiences and perspectives

Bray, Mark; Varghese, N.V.
IIEP Policy forum
310 p.

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The nature of educational planning has evolved significantly during the past few decades. The 1960s, when IIEP was created, was a time of optimism and strong belief in the role of the state in promoting economic growth and development. Educational planning had different emphases and interpretations in different contexts, but generally relied on grand models focusing on macro-planning. Today the field is increasingly also defined by decentralized approaches, non-government funding, and cross-national forces in the context of globalization. IIEP has been playing a lead role in contributing to conceptual issues, developing methodologies, and facilitating capacity development. In 2008, the Institute organized a symposium to discuss the changing context and content of educational planning. Attendees reflected on continuities and changes in the past, and looked ahead to the anticipated future of educational planning. This volume is based on selected papers presented at the symposium.