Higher education and the labour market in Asia

Sanyal, Bikas C.
German Agency for Technical Cooperation (Germany FR)
IIEP Seminar Paper, 43
14 p.
Tertiary education
Tertiary education

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This 1971-76 study of the employment markets in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka reveals that, except in the Philippines, unemployment is increasing at a very fast rate relative to the level of education per person. In the Philippines and in India, enrolment ratios for higher education have been substantially higher than in the other countries. As social pressure has led to expansion in higher education, the majority of students have enroled in arts-based rather than science-based subjects. Although arts-based studies cost less, developing nations need more science-based students to further resource development. The role of education in each country and region is best accertained, according to the author, by analyzing available physical and human resources potentials. Such analysis needs to consider what types of skills will be in increasing demand, and to develop strategies for matching needed skills with the training content of higher education. Findings of the IIEP Conference to which this paper was presented included a general lack of coherent and comprehensive national policies toward higher education and a significant mismatch in all the countries studied between the expected educational career of the student and the actual educational career (from ERIC database)