Higher education for rural development: the experience of the University of Cordoba

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Education for rural people
90 p.

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This study describes the successful reform of the University of Cordoba (Spain) to face the radical transformations that have affected rural areas in recent decades. Chief among these is the changing role of agriculture and a new emphasis on territorial rural development. The emerging focus is on developing an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and ethically defensible agriculture. The wellbeing of rural communities, and of the biophysical and socio-cultural environment in which they live, are central concerns. In this context, the curriculum of higher agricultural education must promote an understanding of rural development which extends beyond agriculture. The University of Cordoba (Spain) launched this process of change 10 years ago. In addition to providing insights into this innovative experience, it is hoped that this book can inspire and guide other institutions facing similar challenges.
Mercredi 15 Février 2023
Mercredi 26 Avril 2023