Increased autonomy for universities in Asia: How to make it work?

IIEP policy brief. Policy brief on higher education, 4
8 p.
Tertiary education

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Higher education (HE)systems worldwide have been expanding rapidly since the 1980s. Expansion has been particularly fast in Asia, where the education sector has experienced a marked increase in the share of global enrolment. This growth has also been accompanied by diversification of the HE system. Within this context, governments in the region are looking for innovative ways to coordinate and steer the higher education sector more effectively. One reform increasingly adopted in the region is the granting of autonomy to institutions in conjunction with accountability measures. An IIEP research study was undertaken on the effects of these reforms on the governance and management of higher education institutions in five Asian countries. The aim was to generate empirical evidence to provide national higher education authorities with guidance on the effectiveness of governance reforms and their procedural elements. The study was also designed to supply data on the role of HE institutions and their leaders in ensuring the success of autonomy.