Intensive Training Course on Microplanning and School Mapping: report

Caillods, Françoise
Tanzania UR. Ministry of National Education
321 p., maps

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This manual contains courses of a 3-week course conducted jointly in March 1982 by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and the IIEP on the subject of the school-map (or micro-plan). Prepared at the regional or sub-regional level, the school map aims at equalizing educational opportunities and teaching conditions for pupils from different geographical zones. Teaching materials are distributed to the course's 50 participants (42 Tanzanians and others from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bostwana, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Uganda) consisted of 3 basic components: lecture/discussions, practical exercises, and national/regional project presentations. The bulk of the present document reproduces the contents of the teaching materials for the course's 13 lectures, with cover such topics as palnning of literacy and post-literacy programs in Tanzania, the use of demographic data for school enrollment analysis, and procedures for generalizing the school map. Appendixes include the training conference's closing speech by the Tanzania Minister of Education, names and adresses of course participants, and a copy of the course evaluation questionnaire (from ERIC database)