Intensive Training Course on Microplanning and School Mapping: report

Hajjar, Habib
Sudan. Ministry of Education and Guidance
208 p., maps
Primary education

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This national intensive training course was organized by the IIEP with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Guidance, Sudan. Since 1977, the Government of Sudan has been embarked on a long-term objective of universalizing primary education (UPE) in the whole country by the end of 1990. Due to severe budgetary constrainst, the Government decided to extend the UPE Programme to the year 2000 and the generalization of microplanning and school mapping approach at the regional and sub-regional level. According to the methodological purposes of the case-study undertaken in the White Nile Province in 1981-1982, the training course had the following objectives: - to acquaint the participants with the microplanning and school mapping approach, - to help them identify the various factors needed to be taken into account when planning for the preparation and implementation of a school map project, with a view to generalizing the microplanning approach at the regional and sub-regional level. The final report consists of the practical exercises based on data drawn from the case study on the White Nile Province. These exercises cover the various aspects of diagnosis: enrolments, teachers, facilities... as well as the projection of requirements and preparation of a school map. The questionnaires for surveying primary and intermediate schools are included