Intensive Training Course on School Mapping and Microplanning: report

Caillods, Françoise
Jamaica. Ministry of Education
International Development Research Centre (Canada)
University of the West Indies (Jamaica)
427 p., maps

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The school map is a set of techniques and procedures which are used to plan future educational requirements at the local level. It starts from a very detailed analysis of the coverage of the educational system and of the teaching/learning conditions in each region or parish before making proposals for reorganizing the school network and the educational service in future years. It aims at equalizing educational opportunities and teaching conditions for pupils from different geographical zones and allows the rationalisation of human, material and financial resources. It requires the direct involvement of regional education officers and implies some participation of the various parties involved (school boards, teachers, parents, etc..). The report of the above mentioned course, presents the process of preparation and organization of the course as well as the teaching materials that were produced and distributed. It was attented by Jamaican education officers and representatives of the Ministries of Education of 10 other English-speaking Caribbean countries. A pilot case study was prepared on the St.Thomas region and a methodology specifically adapted to the Jamaican situation was developed. Exercises were prepared in relation to the case study, they are included in the report as well as the lecture outlines.