Planning and administration of national literacy programmes: an IIEP workshop

Malpica Faustor, Carlos N.; Saraf, S.N.
301 p.

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This inter-regional workshop focused on real field situations and on analyses of significant national mass-literacy experiences in: Ethiopia, Burma, China, Indonesia, Algeria, Somalia, Mexico, Nicaragua. Three cases were studied in depth: Brazil, India and Tanzania. From the discussion emerged the major phases of literacy programmes: planing, management, personnel training and evaluation, monitoring and research. Some concrete conclusions and suggestions were formlated about:- planning options and strategies,- linking of literacy with on-going development projects, - management techniques, - financing of larges-scale programmes, - involvement of local community with the expression of specific needs of target population groups, - training and professionalization of literacy cadres, - importance of linking formal and non-formal education, - monitoring mechanisms as effective instruments for feedback, - role of bilateral and international agencies in the promotion of literacy, - effectiveness of literacy in mother tongue. This publication includes the report of the plenary session, reports of the groupsand revised versions of most of the special contributions and national case-studies.