Scientific and technical education in Czechoslovakia

Císar, Václav; Petrácek, Svatopluk
IIEP Research Report, 43
70 p.

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This study focuses on efforts to reform the Czechoslovak educational system through a full integration of scientific and technical subjects into school curricula. Section 1 discusses the future development of the Czechoslovak education system in light of such sociopolitical factors as the establishment in 1976 of a long-term educational democratization and reconstruction program, and the increased tempo of scientific and technological progress. The reconstruction program proposes a 12-year general education as preparation for a broad range of vocations and further education that would fulfill the requirements of an advanced socialist society. Section 2 argues the need for a complete integration of specialized and technical education into the education system from preschool through secondary training. Included are 12 tables of curriculum data indicating courses of study required for various kinds of employment, from the vocational to the academic. Section 3 discusses the planning and development of specialized and technical education in Czechoslovakia in the context of objectives established by the Communist Party and the State, including the development of social production and a socialist personality (from ERIC database)