Student loans schemes in Mauritius: experience, analysis and scenarios

Mohadeb, Praveen
Student loans schemes
93 p.
Tertiary education

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This study examines the existing student loans schemes in Mauritius with a view to making scenarios and proposals for a national scheme. .Student loans are increasingly being used as a means to finance higher education in Mauritius. With the State alone unable to meet the increasing costs of higher education, cost-sharing with students is becoming popular as an alternative source of funding. In this context, student loans may help resolve problems related to equity and equality of access, allowing students to study now and pay later. . At the time of writing, there are several student loans schemes operated by individual institutions in Mauritius, albeit on a very small scale. While some of these are provided on a benevolent basis, the majority are run to make profit. According to the study.s conclusions, not only would a national scheme benefit students, it would also considerably reduce government expenditure on higher education in a cost-effective way.