Teacher career reforms in Mexico: the initial stage (2013–2015)

Ortega Salazar, Sylvia B.
Management of teachers. Country notes

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In 2013, the newly elected Mexican government launched a series of education reforms that placed teacher career policies centre stage. The provisions sought highly competent teaching professionals who would be recruited and promoted under a complex scheme of merit-based evaluations. As new definitions of career models and evaluation processes were developed, conflict and tensions increased between teachers and governmental officials, resulting from implementation issues and from the contrast between the new systems and the previously established practices. This country note was conducted within the framework of an international research project on teacher careers implemented by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). It examines Mexico’s teacher career policy reforms and the tensions they produced. This publication further explores the weaknesses in implementation which contributed to these tensions as well as the arguments raised by teachers and other major stakeholders through in-depth interviews and a review of pertinent documents and statistics.