University education and graduate employment in Sri Lanka

Sanyal, Bikas C.; Gunatilleke, Godfrey
Marga Institute (Sri Lanka)
411 p.
Tertiary education

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In this analysis of the relationship between university education and employment in Sri Lanka, one chapter is devoted to a description of the socio-economic changes that took place during the post-independence years, another chapter deals with developments in formal school education since the 1940's and a third chapter concerns the development in university education from the establishment of the University of Ceylon (1942). The main objective of the chapter on the graduate employment situation is to analyse the operation of the labour market, to make a diagnosis of the employment situation and to describe the measures adopted by the national authorities to tackle the problem of graduate unemployment. A large part of the study (chapters 7 to 10) is devoted to an analysis of the functioning of the education system and the labour market as perceived by the students, graduates, academic staff and employers. In conclusion, the importance of improving facilities for science education in certain areas of the country is emphasized, as absence of such facilities is a factor compelling students to pursue Arts courses with limited employment prospects.