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  1. Multi-criteria decision analysis for site classification: assessing natural hazard risks for planning the location of educational facilities

    Gagnon, Amélie; Sheldon, Ayeisha; Vargas Mesa, Germán
  2. Designing policies for flexible learning pathways in higher education: self-assessment guidelines for policy makers and planners

    Furiv, Uliana; Martin, Michaela
  3. Planning to fulfil the right to education: methodological guidelines and toolkit

    Barragán Díaz, Juana; Gagnon, Amélie
  4. Institutionalizing education in emergencies data production and use for crisis-sensitive educational planning

  5. Utilisation des données d'évaluation des apprentissages pour la planification de l'éducation en Afrique subsaharienne: une analyse comparative

    Foimapafisi, Tuamanaia; Raudonyte, Ieva
  6. Isochrone-based catchment areas for educational planning

    Gagnon, Amélie; Vargas Mesa, Germán
  7. Ce n’est pas moi, c’est le système : cadre pour l’analyse des capacités de planification et de gestion

    De Grauwe, Anton; Haas, Anna
  8. Données ouvertes sur l’école: ce que les planificateurs doivent savoir

    Poisson, Muriel
  9. Funding equitable and high-quality early childhood education: highlights from The Gambia

    Coury, Diane
  10. Geographically Weighted Regressions for prioritizing educational planning, policies, and interventions

    Gagnon, Amélie; Vargas Mesa, Germán
  11. Estimating school-age populations by applying Sprague multipliers to raster data

    Gagnon, Amélie; Vargas Mesa, Germán
  12. The Use of learning assessment data: Zambia

    Raudonyte, Ieva