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  1. The Management of university-industry relations: five institutional case studies from Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific region

    Martin, Michaela; Vigdor, Moshe; Satter, M.A.; Pumwa, J.; Kaynak, Okyay; Plonski, Guilherme Ary; Tibarimbasa, Avitus M.; Lugujjo, Eriabu
  2. Improving school efficiency: the Asian experience. An ANTRIEP Report

  3. Double-shift schooling: design and operation for cost-effectiveness

    Bray, Mark
  4. Making school inspection visits more effective: the English experience

    Wilcox, Brian
  5. From supervision to quality assurance: the case of the State of Victoria (Australia)

    Gurr, David
  6. Globalisation, droits de l'homme et éducation

    Hallak, Jacques
  7. Improving the effectiveness of higher education institutions through inter-university cooperation: the case of Peking University

    Min Weifang
  8. Quality education through school-based supervision and support: the case of GSS primary schools in Bangladesh

    Tapan, Shahjahan
  9. Strategic financial management in Southern African universities: report of an IIEP distance education course, 4 May - 31 July 1998

    Martin, Michaela; D'Antoni, Susan; Hall, John; Sanyal, Bikas C.
  10. Strategic planning, information systems and organizational development: a case study of the University of Botswana

    Neill, Richard; Mokoena, Thabo
  11. Supervision and support services in Asia. v.1: A comparative analysis; v.2: National diagnoses

    Carron, Gabriel; De Grauwe, Anton
  12. Supervision for the self managing school: the New Zealand experience

    Fergusson, Val