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  1. Financing secondary education in the Philippines

    Cruz, Leopoldo; Calado, René R.
  2. Les Déterminants des coûts: une perspective internationale; synthèse de la recherche sur les coûts dans les établissements

    Tibi, Claude
  3. Accreditation and the global higher education market

    Hernes, Gudmund; Martin, Michaela; El-Khawas, Elaine; Hallak, Jacques; Hendriks, Birger; Hugonnier, Bernard; Lemaître, Maria José; Levasseur, Michel; Levy, Jan S.; Poisson, Muriel; Prakash, Ved; Stella, Antony; Tayag, Jean; Uvalic-Trumbic, Stamenka; Vincent-Lancrin, Stéphan
  4. Policy options for student loan schemes: lessons from five Asian case studies

  5. School principals: core actors in educational improvement. v.1: An analysis of seven Asian countries; v.2: Reports on seven Asian countries

    Kandasamy, Maheswari; Blaton, Lia
  6. Student loans in the Philippines: lessons from the past

    Kitaev, Igor
  7. In pursuit of continuing quality in higher education through accreditation: the Philippine experience

    Arcelo, Adriano A.
  8. Education for rural development in Asia: experiences and policy lessons

  9. Strategies for higher education in Asia and the Pacific in the post-Cold War era

    Sanyal, Bikas C.
  10. Design of basic education programmes and projects: report

    Magnen, André; Mählck, Lars
  11. Developments after Jomtien: EFA in the South-East and Pacific Region

    De Grauwe, Anton
  12. Partnerships and participation in basic education: a series of training modules and case study abstracts for educational planners and managers; v.1: Training modules; v.2: Case study abstracts

    Shaeffer, Sheldon F.