The Rôle of universities in post-experience higher education

Onushkin, Viktor Grigor'evich
146 p.
Tertiary education

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This volume summarizes the findings of the resarch project "the rôle of universities in post-experience higher education (PEHE)". The author analyses the existing situation of the activities at the level of higher education that supplement the normal programmes of teaching and training, and which deal with updating and refreshing knowledge, retraining and improving the qualifications of professional ans technical personnel. He shows the necessity to develop PEHE in five professional fields: management, engineering, agriculture, medicine, university-level teaching, in which such activities seem to be the most urgently needed.Concrete organizational aspects of PEHE are analysed in the general framework provided by goverment policy in this field and by the legislation regulating its relationships at different levels. He then discusses the complexities and difficulties of financing PEHE. The determination of the contents of different causes and the organisation of the teaching-learning process are the feart of all PEHE activities because it is here that demand for PEHE has to be met by choosing opptimum ways to satisfy all interested bodies . The author provides an evolution of the effectiveness of PEHE and ends by outlining perspectives and main directions for future development of PEHE.