IIEP in Action

31 October 2017


IIEP in action - report
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IIEP in action - report


IIEP in Action, our biennium report for 2016 and 2017, is out now!

This report shares an overview of our global work in assisting ministries of education worldwide plan for stronger education systems and the Education 2030 agenda. With highlights from our three offices, in Buenos Aires, Dakar, and Paris, it covers our key focus areas: training, technical cooperation, research, and knowledge sharing and outreach.

Read the report, available in English and French, to find out about:

  • Training for the education of tomorrow

Trainers and trainees share highlights from the range of training programmes IIEP offers in multiple languages and formats. Over the biennium, course options and material were updated to reflect core areas of the global sustainable development agenda.

  • Working together for sustained results

Our technical cooperation work includes supporting national training centres for lasting impact, building resilience and promoting safety and social cohesion in and through education, and helping with the development of strategic education documents that guide policy.

  • Research that informs and promotes action

A glimpse into our latest research, covering teachers, school grants, internal quality assurance, public access to information, open data on education, and more. Our research feeds into our training and technical cooperation work for a more integrated, evidence-based approach to capacity development.

  • Sharing knowledge, enabling change

Information sharing and building new connections is central to education reform and system transformation. We bring together stakeholders to exchange knowledge and debate salient issues in educational planning and management.