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  1. Basic elements to reflect on the quality of education in the Latin American context

    Schiefelbein, Ernesto
  2. Higher education and the New International Order: a collection of papers

    Sanyal, Bikas C.
  3. Problems of educational administration in remote rural areas: report of an expert meeting

    Lyons, Raymond F.; Collins, Joyce E.
  4. The Role of supervision in improving the teaching/learning process in Nepal

    Wheeler, A.C.R.
  5. Change agents: emerging evidence on instructional leadership at the middle tier

    Childress, David; Chimier, Chloé; Jones, Charlotte; Page, Ella; Tournier, Barbara
  6. Towards more transparent financial management: scholarships and grants in Indonesia

    Baines, Stephen
  7. Transparency in education in Eastern Europe

    Hrynevych, Liliya; Kopnicka, Sylvia; Palicarsky, Constantine; Pliksnys, Arunas
  8. Transparency in education

    A. Santizo Rodall, Claudia; Cabrero Mendoza, Enrique; Karim, Shahnaz
  9. From externally to internally driven quality assurance: University of Bahrain

    Aladwan, Rama; AlHamad, Bassam
  10. Developing a quality culture through internal quality assurance: Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

    Höcher, Julia; Ledermuller, Karl; Schwarzl, Christoph; Zeeh, Julia
  11. The Effects of internal quality assurance on quality and employability: American International University - Bangladesh

    C. Villanueva, Charles; Hassan, Farheen; Lamagna, Carmen
  12. Mainstreaming internal quality assurance with management: University of Talca, Chile

    Donoso, Sebastian; Honorato, Francisco; Rojas, Alvaro; Villalobos, Pablo