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  1. Population growth and costs of education in developing countries

    Caillods, Françoise; Hallak, Jacques; Ta Ngoc Châu; Tibi, Claude
  2. Education in the industrialised countries

    Poignant, Raymond
  3. The World educational crisis: a systems analysis

    Coombs, Philip H.
  4. Educational cost analysis in action: case studies for planners

    Coombs, Philip H.; Hallak, Jacques
  5. Fundamentals of education policy: What is educational planning? (No 1). Planning human resources: methods, experiences and practices (No 75). Cost-benefit analysis in educational planning (No 80)

    Bertrand, Olivier; Coombs, Philip H.; Woodhall, Maureen
  6. Financing vocational education: concepts, examples and tendencies

    Atchoarena, David
  7. The Financing and management of vocational education and training in Eastern and Southern Africa: report of a sub-regional workshop

    Atchoarena, David
  8. Recurrent financing of vocational and technical education in Poland: the case of the Voivodie of Gdansk

    McCabe, James
  9. Relationships between central and local authorities with respect to budgetary control of educational expenditures in decentralised administrative situations

  10. Formula funding of schools, decentralization & corruption: a comparative analysis

    Caldwell, Brian J.; Downes, Peter; Farenzena, Nalú; Gurr, David; Herczynski, Jan; Levacic, Rosalind; Luce, Maria Beatriz; Spinks, Jim M.
  11. Integrating education with economic needs in developing countries

    Lyons, Raymond F.
  12. Towards more transparent financial management: scholarships and grants in Indonesia

    Baines, Stephen