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  1. Leading teaching and learning together: the role of the middle tier. What do effective instructional leaders at the middle tier do?

    Childress, David; Chimier, Chloé; Jones, Charlotte; Tournier, Barbara
  2. Teacher management in refugee settings: Kenya

    Amenya, Donvan; Bengtsson, Stephanie; Cameron, Leanne; Hinz, Katja; Séguin, Thalia; West, Helen
  3. Mentoring teachers from the middle tier in Delhi

    Childress, David
  4. Evidence-based supervision at the middle tier in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

    Childress, David; Jones, Charlotte
  5. Leading a collaborative learning culture through middle tier reforms in Rwanda

    Childress, David; Jones, Charlotte
  6. Transforming head teachers into middle tier system leaders in Wales

    Chimier, Chloé; Keper, Lainie; Tournier, Barbara
  7. A middle tier space to support a high-performing school system in Shanghai

    Chimier, Chloé; Fasana, Guglielmo; Tournier, Barbara
  8. Renforcer les dispositifs d’accompagnement pédagogique

  9. Teacher management in refugee settings: Uganda

    Bengtsson, Stephanie; Billy, Candyce; Hinz, Katja; Mirembe, Drake; Namagembe, Betty; Thibault, Claire; West, Helen
  10. Ensuring effective teacher management in refugee settings in Uganda: policy brief