Course modules from the MOOC on mainstreaming early childhood education into education sector planning

The course readers for the five modules from our MOOC on mainstreaming early childhood education into education sector planning are available online in English as a global resource. Click each module to download.


Module 1introduces participants to the terminology and benefits related to pre-primary provision and education as well as the rationale for integrating pre-primary into education sector plans.

Module 2is an overview to both the key features of the pre-primary subsector and the overall education sector planning process. It introduces the key aspects of educational planning and an integrated education sector planning process that includes the pre-primary subsector.

Module 3 introduces participants to the first phase in the ESP process, the education sector analysis and looks at the major aspects and processes for developing and conducting an ESA with particular reference to pre-primary provision.

Module 4 introduces participants to the second, third and fourth phases of the planning process, which build on the sector analysis to formulate policies and set well-costed, realistic objectives, targets and timelines for programs that include pre-primary.

Module 5 provides guidance on an outline of the implementation arrangements and capacity needed to implement an effective plan and related pre-primary programs. The module also introduces participants to key M&E concepts, processes and tools related to ECE/ESP monitoring and provides guidance on how to construct sound indicators with a focus on ECE indicators. Finally, an overview of the plan finalization steps, if included, conclude this module and the course.