COVID-19 Educational Disruption and Response

08 February 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the education of children, youth and adults worldwide. During the COVID-19 pandemic, IIEP remains dedicated to providing educational planners, policy-makers, and all education actors with relevant material and resources to address this crisis.

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Supporting countries during COVID-19 and beyond

At its peak, COVID-19 affected over 1.6 billion learners of all ages – or 94% of the world’s student population. During this time, IIEP supported the education systems of UNESCO Member States with key documents, policy recommendations, and technical support. This covered many areas, including how to coordinate across sectors, re-open schools safely, and provide continuous support to learners, families, and teachers.

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Video: 3 lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis

How States Can - and Why They Must - Build Back Resilient: IIEP and UNESCO's paper in NORRAG

Based on UNESCO's experience supporting states to respond to COVID-19, this paper describes how states can, and why they must, endeavor to strengthen their education systems to become more resilient to crises. It includes examples of concrete actions and steps taken by states - both nationally and transnationally - to strengthen resilience through crisis response efforts. It is featured in the sixth edition of NORRAG Special Issue (NSI 6), entitled "States of Emergency: Education in the Time of COVID-19."

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"COVID-19 will not be the last crisis faced by the world, but it does mark an opportunity for states to become better at understanding how to respond, adapt to and recover from crisis, protecting the fundamental rights of all learners, and building education systems that are stronger, more equitable, more sustainable and better prepared." 

- Co-authors Christopher Castle, Chief of Section for Health and Education for UNESCO, Leonora MacEwen, Programme Specialist, IIEP-UNESCO, and Thalia Séguin, Associate Programme Specialist, IIEP-UNESCO. 

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Health Education Clearinghouse
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