The Institute



As the only specialized organization with the mandate to support educational policy, planning and management, IIEP plays a unique role within the United Nations system. 

It was established in 1963 as an integral part of UNESCO. The Institute is fully aligned with the objectives of the organization and contributes to its education planning. It develops the capacities of education actors to plan and manage their systems through its programmes of training, technical cooperation, policy research and knowledge sharing.

IIEP enjoys a large degree of intellectual and functional autonomy. This allows it to adapt quickly to emerging needs and to innovate in areas that help ministries to plan and manage education services.

IIEP’s work is guided by the following principles, which are deeply rooted in the Institute’s history and culture:

  • IIEP uses a capacity development approach to planning which promotes consultative, inclusive and participatory processes. National ownership is systematically pursued, encouraged and enhanced.
  • IIEP is committed to creating and sharing knowledge to support context-relevant analyses to improve educational policy formulation and planning.
  • IIEP engages in partnerships and alliances for greater effectiveness and sustainability. These include partnerships with ministries in charge of education, other line ministries, non-state actors, funders and other UN agencies.

With 60 years of experience developing the capacity to design and implement education policies and plans that fit countries' needs and conditions, IIEP will continue to play a unique role on the international stage, assisting countries with challenges yet to come.