Applied research; quantitative and qualitative analysis tools; financial education methodologies; public sector budgets

Currently, Fernanda Luna is Knowledge Management and Mobilization Sub coordinator at the IIEP-UNESCO Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. Her activities include the supervision and coordination of projects such as annual research, thematic studies, and the Information System on Educational Trends in Latin America (SITEAL), among others. 

She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Master's degree in Design and Management of Social Programmes from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Argentina.

In Argentina, she has worked in government technical teams, such as the General Coordination of the Study of Costs of the Education System of the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Analysis of Public Expenditure and Social Programmes of the Ministry of Economy, and the Undersecretary of Inclusion and Equity of the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. She has been a consultant for various international organizations such as UNDP, UNICEF and IDB on issues of economics of education and education policies.