Obituary – Michel Debeauvais

14 December 2012


Obituary – Michel Debeauvais
Former IIEP director (1977-1982)
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Obituary – Michel Debeauvais
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Obituary – Michel Debeauvais
It is with sadness that IIEP announces that Michel Debeauvais, 4th Director of IIEP, passed away. Specialist in education, he held various positions in the field of education and development in French Universities (including the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris) and Ministries (including the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) before joining IIEP. He contributed to many conferences and seminars held worldwide as well as missions organized by OECD and UNESCO. Appointed Director of the IIEP in 1977, Debeauvais revived the importance of quantitative indicators and forecasting in educational planning. He also took action to increase the direct involvement of researchers from developing countries in IIEP’s work. Debeauvais was Coordinator of the Study Group on education in sub-Saharan Africa (GRETAF), based in Paris.
An ENA and ENS graduate, an outstanding professor, author of many volumes and an inestimable number of articles, Mr Debeauvais was also the founding President of the Association Francophone d'Education Comparee (AFEC), fifth President (1983-1987) of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) – just a few details of a very rich, and “enriching” career.
He passed away on 14 December 2012. He was 90 years old.
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