Teaching staff: a unique experience and expertise

IIEP teaching teams include professionals actively involved in education policy research and operational activities worldwide. Authors of several publications, IIEP course instructors contribute significantly to educational reforms and the designing of educational programmes in many different countries. IIEP regularly invites guest speakers of international renown to contribute to courses, allowing participants to benefit from their valuable experience and enriching perspectives.

List of instructors:

Strategic plan preparation and monitoring and evaluation
Micro-planning and school mapping, Education statistics, EMIS, Projections and simulation models, Geospatial data in educational planning
Monitoring and evaluation, Education management information systems, Indicators, HIV and AIDS, Quality education.
Candy Lugaz
Decentralization policies, cities, local actors, School grants, Strategies to improve education quality, School supervision, School feeding
Leonora MacEwen
Education in emergencies, vulnerability analysis, risk reduction strategies for the education sector, education sector plan preparation, capacity development
Jimena Pereyra
eLearning, instructional design, training need assessment and student mobility in higher education
Muriel Poisson
Ethics and Corruption, Transparency and Accountability, Integrity Planning, Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys, Teacher Codes of Conduct, Public Access to Information, Open School Data, Education and Poverty, Planning Education in Cities, Non Formal Educ
Barbara Tournier
Teacher management & development, Instructional leadership, Education planning, Education research, Education systems & educational policy, Management for learning