Post-experience higher education in the field of university teaching at the Western Australian Institute of Technology

Peters, Howard; Lonsdale, Alan J.
IIEP Research Report, 19
127 p.
Tertiary education

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This case study is concerned specifically with the provision of post-experience higher education (PEHE) in the area of tertiary or university teaching and learning.It traces the history and current position of the Educational Development Unit at W.A.I.T (Western Australian Institue of Technology).A detailed description of the objectives, organisation, content and teaching method of the Educational Development Programme:1)for newly appointed staff, a cointinuous programme, 2)for established staff, a range pf short courses and 3)a special programme for established staff ("Mini-Fellowship"scheme). In the light of experience gained in conducting the Educational Development Programme at the W.A.I.T. and of developments occurring elsewhere in Australia, the authors look at asoects which could be of value to other institutions concerned with the provision of post-experience courses in tertiary teaching.What are the perspectives of the future development of post-experience education in Australia? According to the authors, this country is likely to show a shift in policy, with proportionately more resources being devoted to post-experience education and less to immediate post-secondary education.However a growing tendency to develop single-purpose institutions, virtually unconnected with the institutions of higher education, is noticeable.