Curriculum approach: how will we get there?

Bethke, Lynne; Sinclair, Margaret
Arabic, English, French
UNESCO International Bureau of Education
Education Above All (Qatar)
Safety, resilience, and social cohesion: a guide for curriculum developers. Booklet, 5
28 p.
978-92-803-1398-7978-92-803-1393-2 (8 volume set, eng)978-92-803-1393-2 (8 volume set, eng)

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About the publication

This booklet looks at how to include learning to live together (LTLT) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the curriculum, in textbooks, and in the school timetable. The impact on students in terms of their acquisition of new skills, values, attitudes, and behaviours is highly dependent on the approach taken, as well as on the mobilization and commitment of the educational community. There are several approaches to consider, including: - Presentation of content as a separate, 'stand-alone' subject or as separately named course units or modules within suitable existing subjects. - Integration of topics and themes into lessons within one subject or across several different subjects. - Support through learning activities related to LTLT and DRR through school-led co-curricular activities.