Education budgeting in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Oulai, Dramane; Costa, Isabel da
Educational costs and financing
278 p.

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About the publication

Education constitutes a significant part of any country.s national budget. In the context of limited public resources, ministries of education can benefit from improved management of financial resources earmarked for education. The process of implementation of their budgets can provide ministries of education with an opportunity to analyze the criteria of resource allocation and to focus on their concrete, short-term objectives. The benefits achieved through adequate management of financial resources can also be used to further develop education systems. This publication presents diverse experiences of how budgetary procedures are organized and carried out, and provides recommendations on how these can be improved by ministries of education in three South Asian countries . Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Specifically, the publication seeks to contribute to the knowledge base on mechanisms used by governments to address the challenges of making education policy decisions in the context of financial constraints.