School clusters and teacher resource centres

Giordano, Elisabeth Allen
English, French
Fundamentals of educational planning, 86
151 p.

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About the publication

In the context of Education for All, teacher resource centres and school cluster strategies are increasingly incorporated into programmes to improve the quality of education. But what are they meant to achieve at the school level? School clusters and resource centres aim to channel education resources more effectively by making them available to groups of schools rather than individual schools. Further initiatives include: improving the delivery of teacher development services by targeting them closer to the school level, encouraging the development of local capacity in education by bringing schools together to mutually benefit from shared experiences and expertise, and improving control, supervision and management of schools by developing resource centres and school clusters to act as another level of education administration. This booklet looks at a variety of strategies and examines the goals, organization, functioning and outcomes. Finally, it highlights the necessary conditions for their effective implementation and impact, and evokes questions for consideration by educational planners contemplating the development of a resource centre or cluster scheme.