Tertiary education in small states: planning in the context of globalization

Martin, Michaela; Bray, Mark
IIEP Policy forum
279 p.
Tertiary education

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About the publication

Small states have in common a number of challenges and opportunities, including in the domain of tertiary education. They face particular constraints in the organization of tertiary education because of their limited pools of highly qualified human resources and the difficulties in achieving economies of scale in administration and management. In many small states, the tertiary sector has undergone considerable change. Enrolments have grown rapidly, the institutional fabric has been diversified, and technology-based and networked models have been developed. Small states have also been part of expanded crossborder provision, much of it positive but some involving degree mills and other challenges. This publication takes stock of recent reforms in the tertiary education of selected small states. It presents regional and national experiences from different development contexts. The book concludes with a discussion of policy issues, including sustainable funding and technological solutions to overcome the constraints of small states. It notes some ways in which the challenges facing small states can be turned into opportunities.