The IIEP Letter: putting education plans into action

07 December 2017

The new IIEP Letter is out now!

This July-December 2017 issue looks at current practices to help ensure the successful implementation of an education sector plan.

Implementation is one of the most important steps of the educational planning cycle. Without it, the vision captured in the plan has no chance of becoming a reality. However, there is often more attention given to plan formulation than to its actual implementation. To help adjust this balance, we’ve dedicated this issue of our newsletter, The IIEP Letter, to practices that support the successful implementation of educational plans.


In this issue :

Education plans: turning intent into action
By Anton de Grauwe, IIEP-UNESCO

Towards more effective education administrations
By Anna Seeger, IIEP-UNESCO

From Cambodia to Ethiopia, experiences with M&E
By Mariela Buonomo Zabaleta et Amélie Gagnon, IIEP-UNESCO

The Role of a national training centre in Afghanistan
By Jimena Pereyra et Morten Sigsgaard, IIEP-UNESCO

A talk with the author: Lucy Crehan
Lucy Crehan on her book 'Exploring the impact of career models on teacher motivation'

Plus Much more...