07 November 2014
The Minister of Education welcomes the IIEP Director


IIEP Delegation & the Minister of Education in Argentina
The IIEP Delegation with the Minister of Education in Argentina, November 2014
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IIEP Delegation & the Minister of Education in Argentina
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IIEP Delegation & the Minister of Education in Argentina

On November 5, Minister of Education of Argentina, Professor Alberto Sileoni, received a delegation from IIEP Paris and the Buenos Aires office. The Minister was accompanied by the Chief of Advisors, Pablo Urquiza. The IIEP delegation consisted of the IIEP Director, Suzanne Grant Lewis, the head of the Buenos Aires office, Margarita Poggi, the Finance and Administrative Officer, Ana Terrer, and the Chief Librarian, Asuncion Valderrama.

The Minister shared his reflections on the main strategies to deliver on Argentina’s priority education policy goals. These include the expansion of secondary education, particularly in the Northern provinces, the revitalization of technical and vocational education, and the integration of information technologies in secondary schools (one netbook per student) and teacher training institutes to assist teacher trainers and trainees.

IIEP is the only institute in the world providing a winning combination of training in educational planning, cutting edge research and in-country capacity development for educational bodies. All three components build on each other and are core components for making fundamental changes when building better education systems around the world.

IIEP believes that good educational planning is both visionary and pragmatic and offer the path to implementing education reform and transforming systems, while ensuring equal opportunities for children and youth.