By Suzanne Grant Lewis, Director, IIEP


The fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4) is an opportunity the world cannot afford to miss. It is an opportunity to create education systems in which all children and youth can be imbued with an intellectual curiosity that encourages them to continue to learn, analyse and think critically for their lifetime, beyond their school years. The new agenda, with ten targets, is bold and ambitious. It calls for all countries to guarantee inclusive, quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all children and youth by 2030.

As a capacity development institute specializing in educational planning, IIEP is preparing itself to ensure it provides Member States the kinds of support they need to forge their own path towards making this aspirational vision for education a reality. IIEP support can come in the form of technical assistance, training, new policy research and information sharing on salient issues in educational planning and management. With equity and quality having now taken the front seat, we are also working towards better integrating learning into the planning process, from sector diagnosis through to monitoring and evaluation.

But all of this hard work – by Member States, partners and others in the global education community – will fall short without adequate levels of funding for education. Just as important are strong collection, analysis and use of education financing data so policy-makers are able to distribute resources efficiently and effectively. This is why we are dedicating the first issue of our relaunched newsletter to Financing Education 2030. 

We hope you enjoy reading this debut issue, which is now titled The IIEP Letter. We look forward to sending it to you twice yearly and involving you as a participatory reader in pursuing together the new Education 2030 agenda. We welcome your feedback and wish you an enjoyable, informative read. 


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