Strategic Debate: higher education as a common good

27 February 2018



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Simon Marginson presentation



We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming IIEP Strategic Debate on higher education as a common good in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals. Simon Marginson, Professor and Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education at the University College of London, will join as key speaker, Michaela Martin, Programme Specialist at IIEP-UNESCO, as discussant, and Suzanne Grant Lewis, Director of IIEP-UNESCO, as moderator.

When: Monday, March 12, 2018
4pm – 6pm
What: IIEP Strategic Debate
Where: IIEP-UNESCO  auditorium
7-9 rue Eugene Delacroix, 75116 Paris

The Education 2030 Agenda makes a clear reference to “ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality TVET and tertiary education, including university”, pointing to its many societal benefits. However, while major expansion of tertiary education has taken place, systems have also become intensely competitive and increasingly stratified, with the financial burden of the expansion shifting to families and students. Within this context, analytical definitions regarding the public good nature of tertiary education have not allowed us to clearly distinguish its multiple benefits. This upcoming Strategic Debate will present international trends in tertiary education, and will provide an opportunity to discuss whether the normative notion of “tertiary education as a common good” would not be a more appropriate way to frame the discussion on both its benefits, and how to share the cost. 


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We will be livestreaming this debate (4pm CET). Make sure to register here to receive a reminder and link to the web cast. This event will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into French (only in English via livestream).

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