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Discover all our programmes and find out how you can diversify, expand, or update your skills and knowledge in education sector management and planning. In 2021, all our training courses are delivered exclusively remotely.


Our training programmes

Who are IIEP courses for?

Our training programmes, run out of the Paris office, are aimed primarily at education planners and managers around the world. We also welcome managers and senior officials from ministries of education as well as specialized technical officers. Some courses may be offered on an ad hoc basis to other suitable professionals, such as those working in the education sector in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or government agencies, or curriculum or pedagogical developers for universities or private academic institutions.


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Our teaching team

With professionals in the field of technical cooperation, resident researchers, and specialist consultants, our teaching team is made up of international experts in educational planning and management. From lectures to practical work and project supervision, you can count on state-of-the-art teaching and personalized support.


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Selection and admission

All of our courses have a limited number of places. The selection procedure and the requirements for applying are specific to each programme. Our internal committees select candidates according to their professional background and profile and depending on the specificities of the programme in question.

All applications must be submitted online. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information on how to apply, please consult the pages dedicated to each course: ATP, ESP, SCP, or our virtual campus.

Where can I go for financial support?

Candidates are invited to send their applications for a grant to the relevant bodies (employer, ministries, international or non-governmental organizations). Such grants are usually awarded under human resource development or institutional capacity development programmes funded by the government, international cooperation programmes, or international partners such as development banks, bilateral agencies, or United Nations funds and programmes.

UNESCO Member States can submit a request for funding through their National Commission to UNESCO. The procedure and timetable are available online:  UNESCO Participation Programme.
IIEP-UNESCO cannot provide financial assistance to learners. However, gender and equity issues are a core topic in the training programmes delivered by our Institute, and as such, IIEP awards a limited number of scholarships each year to female planners in the education sector.
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Our trainees 

"I am where I am today in part because of my training at IIEP. I honed my expertise in educational planning from all of the talented instructors at IIEP, as well as from my colleagues across the world"

Abdul Subhan Raouf, Deputy Minister of Education in Afghanistan & ATP alumnus


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Our other offices

Our regional offices in Dakar and Buenos Aires offer a complete range of training courses adapted to the specificities and challenges of the continents they serve.