Training modules on teacher management

5 October 2015


UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) published in October 2015 a series of training modules for education managers and planners on teacher management.

The seven-part series - available for free online - covers major challenges in the field as well as various tools and techniques that can contribute to the effective planning, monitoring and management of teaching staff.

The series – which embraces a comparative perspective –attempts to inform debates on current teacher policies and management issues, drawing from experiences around the world with a particular focus on developing countries.

The modules cover a breadth of issues including policy options related to teacher recruitment, training, allocation and utilization, as well as teacher careers, and their respective consequences with regard to costs and quality.

Basic techniques for forecasting teacher supply and demand, information systems as well as key aspects of the institutional and organizational framework that affect teachers are also examined to shed light on these often neglected, yet equally crucial issues.

The seven modules listed below are working documents that are meant to be continuously revised and updated. 

  •     Module 1 – Teacher management: current challenges
  •     Module 2 - Concepts of human resource management and forward planning
  •     Module 3 - Recruitment and teacher training: issues and options
  •     Module 4 – Teacher allocation and utilization
  •     Module 5 - Monitoring tools and information systems for teacher management
  •     Module 6 - Teacher career and evaluation
  •     Module 7 - Institutional and organizational aspects of teacher management

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Photo credit: GPE/Alexandra Humme (Teacher's College, Zambia).