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  1. Creating space for women: gender-linked factors in managing staff in higher education institutions

    Smulders, Anna E.M.
  2. Improving the effectiveness of higher education institutions through inter-university cooperation: the case of Peking University

    Min Weifang
  3. Improving managerial effectiveness of higher education institutions: the case of UNAM, Mexico

    Hirsh de Trejo, Esperanza
  4. Post-experience higher education in the fields of management and engineering: the experience of the Dresden Technical University

  5. Refugees’ access to higher education in their host countries: overcoming the 'super-disadvantage': policy paper

    Martin, Michaela; Stulgaitis, Manal
  6. Adult higher education: a case study on the worker's colleges in the People's Republic of China

  7. SDG 4 - Policies for flexible learning pathways in higher education: taking stock of good practices internationally

    Godonoga, Ana; Martin, Michaela
  8. Improving the effectiveness of the management of innovation and change in higher education

    Schofield, Allan
  9. Industrial development and the planning of higher education: report of an IIEP workshop

  10. Running to stand still: higher education in a period of global economic crisis

    Varghese, N.V.
  11. Financial management in higher education institutions for Eastern Mediterranean countries: report of a sub-regional workshop

    Hallak, Jacques; Martin, Michaela
  12. Incentive analysis and higher educational planning: alternatives in theory, research and policy

    Windham, Douglas M.