ATP training programme now a recognized Masters by CAMES

02 October 2017


Trainees at IIEP in Paris during a group work exercise. (IIEP-UNESCO)

The African and Malgache Council for Higher Education (CAMES) has accredited IIEP’s Advanced Training Programme (ATP) as a full Master’s of “Educational Planning and Management”.

For over half a century, the ATP has been the Institute’s flagship training programme, reinforcing knowledge and developing new competencies for education professionals worldwide. It combines an online three-month phase and a six-month residency in Paris with a capstone project completed in the trainee’s country.

The ATP is designed to train education specialists actively involved with the preparation, implementation and evaluation of educational policies, plans and programmes. It is globally renowned for its support in the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to improve education analysis and planning. Head of Planning surveys and tracer studies have repeatedly shown its effectiveness in this regard.

The accreditation from CAMES further testifies to the programme’s quality, as well as its relevance as a tool to enhance the capacity of UNESCO member states in educational planning and management.   

CAMES is a regional organization in charge of coordinating quality aspects of the higher education systems in 19 Francophone African countries. Its mandate has expanded over the years to also now include quality assurance, accreditation and recognition of study programmes in conjunction with the national authorities of its member states.  

Following IIEP’s application, the ATP underwent a thorough self-study and peer review process to testify to its compliance with CAMES accreditation criteria for Master programmes. Study programmes that are accredited and recognized by CAMES receive automatic recognition in its 19 member states.