Education Sector Programmes and Projects with Dorian Gay

04 February 2019


Dorian Gay leading a discussion during his course in May 2017 at IIEP-UNESCO in Paris, France.

This April, interested applicants can register for the two-week course, Education Sector Programmes and Projects. IIEP trainer Dorian Gay shares some highlights.

What is this course about?
The primary aim of EPM 314 is to teach education development professionals how to design and present a compelling education project proposal.
Why is this course important? 

National education sector development plans (ESPs) are generally guided by national priorities and by the 2030 Agenda and SDG 4 on education, in particular. The strategic priorities and policies captured in ESPs are concretely delivered in the form of large programmes or projects with multiple sources and modalities of financing. Whether you work in a ministry of education, with a civil society organization, or a development agency, being able to design such programmes or projects is an instrumental skill.
Can you describe a typical day in your course?
We do our best to balance theory and practice. Typically, you will be presented with a methodology or ideas in a plenary session, followed by a Q&A and the opportunity for rich discussions. You will also spend quite some time working in a varied multicultural group as a project team. In real life, a project is never a one-person show, and managing time and tempers is also part of the game! Half of the mark that you get at the end of the course relies on the group’s joint product. You will also get a chance to evaluate your peers’ contribution to the group work. 

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