Integrating conflict and disaster risk reduction into education sector planning: guidance notes for educational planners

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With over 40 per cent of the world's out-of-school children living in conflict-affected countries, and an estimated 175 million children every year in this decade likely to be affected by natural disasters, there is a growing sense of urgency to support strategies that reduce the risks of conflict and natural disasters. While the role of education in conflict and disaster risk reduction (C/DRR) is increasingly recognized by the international community, the integration of risk reduction measures in education policy, planning and programming poses significant challenges. Only a few countries have mainstreamed C/DRR into their national education plans and have developed policies to ensure the right to education in emergency situations. The Guidance Notes for Educational Planners provide practical advice for educational authorities on how to integrate conflict and disaster risk reduction in education sector planning processes. Organized into six sections, the Guidance Notes contain one introductory section which explains the purpose of the guidance notes and the rationale for addressing conflict and disaster risk reduction in education sector planning processes. Sections two to five describe the different phases of the planning process and highlight how C/DRR can be introduced in each phase. The sixth and final section presents a summary of key messages and questions to contemplate when undertaking a strategic planning process using a C/DRR lens.