In search of quality: what the data tell us

01 September 2010


Newsletter 2010-11
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Newsletter 2010-11
IIEP Newsletter, Vol. XVIII, No. 3, September-December 2010


Moving towards quality education for all
by Khalil Mahshi, Director of IIEP


In search of quality: what the data tell us
SACMEQ III Project presents its first findings

Mixed results in achievements
Scientific assessment of trends over time in reading and mathematics achievement

The challenge of grade repetition
Grade repetition rates are still far too high

The gender gap in learning – back to square one
A need to change the focus from access and participation to learning achievement

Where have all the textbooks gone?
Textbook access levels vary significantly across countries

Paid tuition, a potential challenge to EFA
Does private tuition increase inequities among primary school children?

How effective are HIV and AIDS prevention education programmes?
Prevention education programmes need a comprehensive review

Data visualization
Turning data into information for decision-makers

Training programmes

Training for capacity development: the successful expansion