What is meant by basic education?: a contribution to an IIEP seminar

Phillips, Herbert Moore
English, French
IIEP Seminar Paper, 19
26 p.

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About the publication

This paper analyzes what is meant by basic education. The author presents six principal usages of the term that are based on the kinds of education offered and their purposes rather than on whether they take place in or out of school. Examples of the six usages are given. Variations in terminology are generally more than purely semantic or technical. Each expression is usually associated with a particular type of effort or educational stance, based (overtly or inadvertently) on certain social, economic, and political as well as educational concepts. Basic education also has civic and developmental meanings. Basic education in its civic sense can be said to be that form of education that in any given country can meet at least minimum learning needs and can also be made universal. Developmental meanings of basic education overlap with civic meanings, but place more emphasis on its contribution to vocational needs and personal development linked with daily activities (from ERIC database).