Intensive Training Course on Education and Human Resources Planning: report

Caillods, Françoise; Hajjar, Habib
Anglais, Arabe
Syrian AR. Central Bureau of Statistics
UNESCO Regional Office for Education in the Arab States (Jordan)
164 p.

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To train 19 participants from nine Arab governments in educational and human resources planning, an intensive four-week course was offered covering the use of population census data, assessment of economies' demands for education and training, and techniques of evaluation and of manpower forecasting. This report describes the organizing and financing of the course, the results of its evaluation, and its use of lectures, discussions, exercises and students projects. In the projects, five groups of course participants each prepared a national program for an Arab nation. Outlines of the five national projects are presented. The report also provides copies of seven selected course lectures and exercises--six in English and one in French--on data collection and extrapolation, educational inequality, labor market theories, labor recruitment, personal work histories, and modern and traditional economies. Three appendices gives lists of course participants, faculty, and materials as well as the course's daily schedule for the full four weeks (from ERIC database)