The Planning of technical and vocational education and training

IIEP Occasional Papers, 72
43 p.

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The discussion is directed towards the view that the planning and analysis of technical and vocational education and training are in some ways more challenging than the planning of the other school subjects. Principally this is seen to be because the technical-vocational spectrum spans many different ministries, and relates to many other school subjects as well as to many post-school careers. The intention is to raise the sights of the technical and vocational planner, to illustrate the potential connections with the study of science, technology and society, to indicate the highly political and controversial implications of industrial policy for industrial and vocational training and to underline that the planning of technical training is not only a technical matter. Almost all the tools of the trade both metaphorically and in reality are considered loaded, and training must be considered as being part of a coherent view about the development of national technological capability. Planners are called upon to do something for the young, to prepare them for jobs, and to adjust them to worklessness. Possibly the greatest challenge is considered to be to explore the essential connections between technology and science, between production, design, and creativity